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Poke hawaïen

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1 lb (454gr) de saumon qualité sushi (ou thon frais qualité sushi) à peine dégelé
4 c. à table (60ml) de sauce soya légère de bonne qualité
1 c. à table (15ml) d'huile de sésame grillée
1 c. à table de graines de sésame grillées
2 c. à table (50gr) oignons verts hachés finement
1/4 de tasse oignons tranché très finement en petites lanières
1 c. à thé (5ml ou au goût) de sauce srirasha
1 c. à thé (5ml ou au goût) de flocons de piment séchés
2 avocat
2 c. à table (30 ml) de riz à sushi assaisonné (vendu comme tel)
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Poke hawaïen

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    Today we speak Poke. No Poke-mon. Not like « I’ll poke » on Facebook. If you are not yet gone to see the video clip , we say « poké » not « pokeuh ». But … what exactly is it? The poke is a Hawaiian specialty, I would describe as a fish tartare or deconstructed sushi. Hawaiian to sell everywhere: in food trucks in counters to fresh poke some grocery stores (Foodland among others) and we find the same (very good!) At Costco. Yes Yes. Their fresh fish are also totally fa-bu-lous. Obviously poke served in Hawaii has the significant benefit of using fresh fish most of the time, which makes it even better. The sun, the beach, the ukulele and the smiles of the inhabitants is also possibly for something!

    I should mention that the fish preferred to poke in Elvis islands is tuna. My environmental conscience and my desire to allow future generations to enjoy fresh tuna prevents me to buy here, except for exceptional cases. Sustainable fishing tuna sources are almost non-existent and some documentaries (including The end of the line) have traumatized me enough to make an impact. By cons, here, we have easy access to wild salmon from Canada of excellent quality, that’s why I chose to present a recipe of salmon!

    I wish you an article culinary getaway to Hawaii ‘, but the experience from before the birth of our project and Youtube vlog channel. This does not, of course, I trained the whole family in the local markets, tested unique products and a few stops « emergency » in roadside stands that had captured my attention. The poke is what I served as entrance to the festivities of New Year 2015 with great success and subsequent requests for the recipe. Thus I thought you’d enjoy perhaps know you.

    If you’re lucky, maybe we will return in Hawaiian soil with a camera these days to share all the treats and eye candy offered Maui. The only thing I can tell you this place is one of those places in the world that no postcard succeeds in portraying accurately. There is so much beauty in one place! The scent of flowers that sniffs the air, the mountains and the ocean as a backdrop, the nonchalance of the locals … this can not enter into a picture. I wish you to have the opportunity to soak feet one day, if not already done and enjoy fresh poke, one day, Somewhere over the rainbow.

    So back to our poke. I’ll poke you me pokes we pokons?

    Mahalo (thank you)!

    the little bette xx


    Fait !

    Préparer le riz à sushi en combinant dans un chaudron, 1 1/2 tasse de riz à 2 1/4 tasse d'eau. Amener à ébullition, puis couvrir, réduire le feu et laisser mijoter à petit feu 15 minutes ou jusqu'à ce que le riz soit bien collant et l'eau toute absorbée. Retirer du feu, ajouter le vinaigre de riz assaisonné, combiner et laisser tiédir.

    Fait !

    Couper le saumon en gros dés.

    Fait !

    Combiner le saumon, la sauce soya, l'huile de sésame, les oignons verts, les lanières d'oignon, la sauce Sriracha et les flocons de piment séchés dans un grand bol. Laisser mariner au réfrigérateur environ 30 minutes jusqu'à 1 heure.

    Fait !

    Préparer des petits bols individuels en garnissant d'abords de riz à sushi tiède ou refroidit (mais non réfrigéré), ensuite des cubes d'avocats (pour ceux qui aiment !), de la garniture au saumon puis garnir de peau de saumon grillée (si vous aimez et que votre saumon venait avec la peau). Voir la capsule pour bien visualiser le tout ; )

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